Our hotel is not only situated in the most convenient locations but represents the very pinnacle of luxuriously appointed accommodation in the Nakuru region. The ultimate standard in design, comfort, facilities, food, and leisure come together to create a blend of quality and opulence, rarely seen at any local hotel in the region. With numerous options available to enhance the level of service our guests receive, impeccable cuisine and dining facilities, family vacation spots, blissful weddings and honeymoon vacations, meetings and events travel, thrilling safari experiences and well-appointed guest rooms, which guarantees you unforgettable experiences.

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Café Comfort

On the entrance, a modern, cozy café can be found. It´s fine to start your day with a cup of coffee and fresh newspapers in your hands or to enjoy a dessert or ice cream. During the day tasty mixed drinks will refresh you and your friends. In summer you can sit on our terrace, which is located directly in front of a café.

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The best room service i have experienced in Nakuru.

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This is the only place to stay in Nakuru! I have stayed in the cheaper hotels and they were fine.